Welcome to Bkantha.io, where you can join the most washed sneaker groups on the planet. Literally, 100% no scam no joke! From shitty supreme monitors all the way to notifications for your favorite yeezys we got it all :D


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All of bkanthas monitors 100% washed!

Fastest Time

Bkantha offers some the fastest times in the game, while still washed, you might get lucky and cook ;)

Loving Community

While the bkantha community is filled with loving members as all groups there is a bit of aids and trolling involved :D

1 On 1 Support!

Yeah this prolly won't happen since Bkantha is busy being washed but hey, I needed a third thing!


So! If you still wanna join and are not running away looking for another group by now here are the details bellow!

  • Bkantha Supreme
  • $75/season
  • Access to Bkantha Preme tweets which contain restock/stock's
  • Fast ass restocks
  • No delays
  • US only!
  • Buy Now!
  • Bkantha Sub
  • $135/Access from Sept. 1st - Nov. 30th
  • Access to Bkantha Sub Shopify Monitor Slack. Lets be washed together :D
  • 70+ Shopify Sites
  • Filtered channel for slack
  • Only new shopify products
  • 100% troll community
  • Open September 1st
  • Bkantha Monitor
  • $195.95/m
  • Im sorry but you ain't getting in here lol, basically all sites (supreme, shopify & all sites) supported through a Slack group and bkanthamonitor twitter.
  • Basically all sites supported
  • Crazy times
  • Most washed
  • El oh El not open



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Email: bkanthabot2@gmail.com


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